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Central heating installation & maintenance service in Wirral 


Boiler/heating repairs

No heating or hot water? Don't panic! Boiler and heating repairs can usually be carried out on the same day. The first step is to call and book an appointment. We will safety check your boiler and carry out the necessary checks to find the fault. A fixed price will be given for the repair and we only proceed if you are happy with the price. 


How much will a new boiler cost?

There are a number of different factors that need to be considered to give you an accurate quote for a new boiler. Here are some of the key considerations:

  • What’s the best type of boiler for your house and your needs?
  • Does your gas supply need upgrading?
  • Does your boiler need moving?
  • Is any building or minor electrical work needed?
  • Would you like Smart heating controls?
  • Would you like any new radiators?
  • Would you like to improve your energy efficiency?

Once we have all of this information we will send you a fixed price quotation. The Energy Saving Trust says: If you replace your old model with an A-rated boiler and set of heating controls (you can even operate it remotely via an app on your phone) you could save about £340 and 1,500kg of carbon monoxide a year. For a no obligation free quote, please book a quote online and we will look forward to discussing you new boiler options with you in person.


Smart boiler controls for iPhone and smartphones

Easy to use with proven energy efficiency benefits, our range of smart heating controls can give you maximum control from almost anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection! We supply and install a range of trusted brands to choose from including Hive, Nest, Honeywell, Drayton miGenie and many more. 

Installation typically takes around 40 minutes and prices vary slightly between different brands. If you are unsure whether your system is suitable then please call us and we will be happy to help.


Does my heating system need a powerflush?

if you have radiators that don't heat up properly or radiator valves sticking, a noisy boiler or just generally poor performance from your central heating system, then your system may need a powerflush. This involves a machine that flushes out all of the black magnetite sludge deposits that build up over time and inevitibly damage your boiler. A powerflushing machine will be connected to your system via a radiator or pipework and the system will be flushed using chemicals until it has been restored to its maximum efficiency. 






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